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Twin Cities, MN

Current Needs in the Twin Cities, MN 

Diaper Drives
Foster families caring for infants (sometimes multiple children in diapers) are always tremendously appreciative of diaper donations!

Journey Bags
Journey Bags are backpacks supplied with basics for children entering the system who may arrive with nothing but the clothes on their backs, some things to call their own in a time of need. We are continually in need of Journey Bags to stock the Sherburne County placements that we are currently supporting. We provide a list of items needed to fill a backpack or diaper bag. These go directly into the hands of children going into placement!

Gift Cards for Infant Formula
Our infant Journey Bags are meeting a great need - but infant formula is not something we can include in those bags due to the nature of each child's needs and product expiration, but is greatly needed. We would like to continue providing Sherburne County with gift cards to Target/Walmart for infant formula to include with Diaper Journey Bags.
Would you consider asking your bible study group or family to bring a $5 gift card to your next get together? It may seem like a small gesture, but it is a great way to show Jesus love as we lighten their burdens.

Fire extinguishers
Model 2A10BC is specifically required, and carbon monoxide detectors are a very common need for extended family members asked to step in and care for children being placed in foster care. These families often find themselves both financially unequipped and physically unprepared to bring their home environments into compliance with regulations to accept them into their homes. We can help by bridging the gaps with required safety equipment.

Mental Health Therapy Equipment
Sherburne County is in need of AVE equipment for three children, at a cost of $300 per system. Through the light and sound experience that it provides, Audio Visual Entrainment exposes the brain to useful patterns for enhancement
and allows the brain to be more accessible
 to the child. AVE has been recognized in many schools districts as useful tool for academic enhancement especially for students with learning challenge.
Can you help us fund this equipment for these children that would greatly benefit from the treatments?

Questions?  Contact Candace at tfi.twincities@gmail.com!
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