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Looking for people/groups/churches to host diaper drives. This will benefit foster families, biological families in preventative services, and kinship parent. This will be a huge blessing to these families! Challenge your group to a certain number of diapers! Foster families caring for infants (sometimes multiple children in diapers) are always tremendously appreciative of diaper donations!

Journey Bags are backpacks supplied with basics for children entering the system who may arrive with nothing but the clothes on their backs, some things to call their own in a time of need. We are continually in need of Journey Bags to stock the placements that we are currently supporting. We provide a list of items needed to fill a backpack or diaper bag. These go directly into the hands of children going into placement!

Our infant Journey Bags are meeting a great need - but infant formula is not something we can include in those bags due to the nature of each child's needs and product expiration, but is greatly needed. Sometimes caseworkers have to pick a child up right at lunch or dinner time meaning they have to buy those children food out of their pocket. Getting reimbursed can take months. A small gift card  could ease their burden.

Would you consider asking your bible study group or family to bring a $5 gift card to your next get together? It may seem like a small gesture, but it is a great way to show Jesus love as we lighten their burdens.

We are looking for people who would like to be a bridge from TFI to their church and help to coordinate our efforts together! If this is something you would be interested in-please email Kisha at tfi.quadcities@gmail.com

We are currently collecting some children's dvds.

Looking for churches and people that would like to be part of this team to meet urgent needs of families. This could be anything from running to the store for a foster mom to pick up needed things for the child that just came into their home, looking in your network for a crib for a kinship parent, or helping a family in preventative services. Please email me if you'd like to be on this list to be contacted when needs arise.

Sadly and all too often, this financial burden proves to be too much causing children to be moved to new foster homes.  Foster Care Agencies do their best to help families like these but due to lack of funding and the immediacy of the situations, foster children may go weeks without items most people take for granted like a bed, sheets, toiletry items, etc.  

The Forgotten Initiative (TFI) believes that through the Body of Christ, these immediate needs can be met 100% of the time.  TFI has worked with foster care agencies to determine what items are most often needed and has created a First Response (FR) catalog to make it easy for your church to partner with them to meet these needs.  

Looking for those to be prayer warriors for our foster care community. Prayer has been requested time and time again. Would you join us in prayer for families?

Questions?: Contact Kisha at tfi.quadcities@gmail.com 
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