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Prescott, AZ

Current Needs in Prescott, AZ!

  •  Journey Bags: for all ages. Email tfi.prescott@gmail.com to get a list of items.
  • Project Sunshine Need ( A local agency is in need of some Project Sunshine love in their hallways and waiting rooms. We are looking for churches/small groups/individuals that are interested in making children feel special & loved when they come into foster care. Would you or someone you know like to form and lead an 'extreme makeover' crew?)
  • Gift Card Drive ( Did you know that when children are waiting for foster care placement at an agency during a meal time, caseworkers often purchase a meal for the child out of their own pocket? Although they can get reimbursed, it takes nearly a month.  Contact us if you are interested in giving a gift card or starting a drive within your small group or circle of friends. You can help make these mealtimes more uplifting for the caseworker and the children!)

Questions?:  contact Denise at tfi.prescott@gmail.com

Like us on facebook www.facebook.com/tfi.prescott

Visit our website:  www.theforgotteninitiative.org

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