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Northumberland County, PA

Current Needs in Northumberland County, PA! 

Our Current Project: 

Winter Months Blanket Drive:

We are collecting blankets for children coming into care.  At a recent foster parent meeting they shared with TFI the need for blankets.  We are asking for donations of new blankets for all ages.

 Email at tfi.northumberlandcounty@gmail.com.

Northumberland County Dirt Diggers Project

This is a unique time and experience working with Teens involved with Children and youth and juvenile probation. The project was a huge success!  Pumpkins grown from the garden will be donated and used in our upcoming November Adoption Day at the courthouse!

Journey Bags 
This Fall we are going to be collecting book bags filled w/ age appropriate items for children of each gender entering foster care.  These bags will be given to Children and Youth and given to children entering foster care.  We have many churches, youth groups, small groups ready to dive in and help.  If you are interested please contact us and we will gladly pass on the information and help you get on board with us to serve our local foster care community.
E-mail tfi.northumberlandcounty@gmail.com

Foster Parent Meeting Meals 
Starting in 2014 we are looking for churches/groups who would be willing to volunteer to make and serve a meal at the bi-monthly foster parent meetings.(around 50 adults/children)  The time frame would be from 5-6pm the first Thursday of the month.  This starts in January.  


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