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Elgin, IL

  • Interested in doing a Journey Bags project?  Multiple agencies in Elgin area are in need of 0-2 years and 13+ Journey Bag age groups.  Contact tfi.elgin@gmail.com for details. 
  • It can be difficult for those being licensed as foster parents to receive CPR and first aide trainings.  Would your church be willing to host these trainings for foster parents as well as cover the costs?  Email tfi.elgin@gmail.com  with questions or for more information. 

  • We find we have continuous needs for the following, if you would like to donate these items for us to have on hand, please contact tfi.elgin@gmail.com.
    • Cribs (new)
    • Toddler beds
    • Crib/toddler bed mattresses 
    • Dressers
    • Folding tables & chairs or Kitchen tables & chairs
    • Grocery & gas gift cards 


We are in need of First Response Churches for Elgin area!  Children enter foster care with little or nothing to call their own and though many times relatives step in to help, they often find themselves both financially unequipped and physically unprepared to care for these children.  If these relatives are not licensed as foster parents (as in most cases), they are not eligible for full financial reimbursement from the state, and this process alone can take months to complete. 

Sadly and all too often, this financial burden proves to be too much causing children to be moved to new foster homes.  Foster Care Agencies do their best to help families like these, but due to lack of funding and the immediacy of the situations, foster children may go weeks without items most people take for granted like a bed, sheets, toiletry items, etc. 

The Forgotten Initiative (TFI) believes that through the Body of Christ, these immediate needs can be met 100% of the time.  TFI has worked with foster care agencies to determine what items are most often needed and has created a First Response (FR) catalog to make it easy for your church to partner with them to meet these needs. 

Email tfi.elgin@gmail.com for more information on how your church can get involved!

  • We have learned that foster care agencies are always in need of gift cards.  Wal-mart, McDonald’s, swim passes, movie passes, etc.  These items are used by relative caregivers and foster care workers to meet the needs of foster children.  Would you consider asking your bible study group or family to bring a $5 gift card to your next get together?  Email tfi.elgin@gmail.com after you have collected the gift cards and we will let you know what agency to drop them off at.  It may seem like a small gesture, but it is a  great way to show Jesus love as we lighten their burdens.

Questions?:  Contact us at  tfi.elgin@gmail.com

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