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Cincinnati, OH

We would love to have you join us in meeting the needs of the foster care community in the Cincinnati area!

Prayer Group: The last Thursday of each month. 1:30 P.M. Room 122
Anderson Hills United Methodist Church
7515 Forest Rd  Cincinnati, OH 45255

DIAPER DRIVES: Looking for people/groups/churches to host diaper drives. This will benefit foster families, biological families in preventative services, and kinship parent. This will be a huge blessing to these families! Challenge your group to a certain number of diapers!

GIFT CARD DONATIONS: Cards of any amount to local retailers and restaurants will be gifted to families in May for National Foster Care Month.

JOURNEY BAGS:  When a child is taken into foster care, they generally have no personal belongings to take with them.  We can ease the transition for both the child and the foster parents by providing personal care items and toys for the child to have as their very own as soon as they are taken into custody.  This keeps the foster parents from scrambling to meet these immediate needs as well as helping the child have something to call their own. 

FAMILIES SERVING FAMILIES: Foster families face unique challenges and sometimes feel alone, misunderstood, or simply would enjoy a helping hand or a friend who will listen. Families Serving Families (FSF) is an opportunity for Christian families to intentionally reach out to foster families in their community on a monthly basis (or more)! (Some examples include babysitting, eating a meal together, praying with one another, writing encouraging notes, etc.)


Church Liaisons: We are looking for people who would like to be a bridge from TFI to their church and help to coordinate our efforts together!

We are in need of First Response Churches for the Cincinnati area!  Children enter foster care with little or nothing to call their own and though many times relatives step in to help, they often find themselves both financially unequipped and physically unprepared to care for these children.  If these relatives are not licensed as foster parents (as in most cases), they are not eligible for full financial reimbursement from the state and this process alone can take months to complete. 

Sadly and all too often, this financial burden proves to be too much causing children to be moved to new foster homes.  Foster Care Agencies do their best to help families like these but due to lack of funding and the immediacy of the situations, foster children may go weeks without items most people take for granted like a bed, sheets, toiletry items, etc

Questions? Email Lacy at tfi.cincinnati@gmail.com
Like us on facebook: www.facebook.com/tfi.cincinnati
Visit us on the web: www.theforgotteninitiative.org


  1. HI! My family and I would like to get involved with the Cincinnati families serving families and journey bags! Please contact me at sybilbrun@gmail.com

    Thanks so much!
    Sybil Brun

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