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Champaign County, IL

Current Needs in Champaign County!


After children are removed from their homes, they often wait at local agencies for long hours in waiting rooms. These rooms are also used on a weekly basis when foster parents visit with their birth parents and siblings. Beautification Teams are the support teams who keep these rooms clean, child friendly, and inviting through monthly keep up.

Are you interested in serving on a Beautification Team? We are in need of a few people to help us once a month for about 1-2 hours to help clean the visit rooms at agencies in Champaign. If you are interested in being a part of our Beautification Team, please email us.


Lutheran Social Services is in need of some Project Sunshine love.  We also have several completed Project Sunshines that are in need of some upkeep in regards to needing disinfectant wipes and batteries of all sizes.  They try to get the adults and kids to clean up after themselves when visits are over, so disinfectant wipes are a huge help!  Outside toys have also been requested. Some suggestions have been houses, slides, picnic tables, balls, etc.  If you are interested in any of the above, please email us.


We are looking for coordinators to join our team.  Some of the coordinator openings include beautification team, foster parent support. mentor, church recruitment and first response.  If you are interested in learning more about any of these volunteer opportunities please contact us!


We are looking for people who would like to be a bridge from TFI to their church and help coordinate our efforts together! If this is something you would be interested in and/or you would like to help contact churches, please email us.

This is an incredible opportunity to show vulnerable adults, relative caregivers, intact families, and foster families that they are not alone!  We’ve made the connections with local agencies and when needs arise, caseworkers will contact us.  Now we are working to create a network of people to receive ‘First Response’ alerts when we’re made aware of the needs.  Email us for more details.  

Current First Response Needs: 

  • None at this time

  • We are in need of First Response Churches!  Children enter foster care with little or nothing to call their own and though many times relatives step in to help, they often find themselves both financially unequipped and physically unprepared to care for these children.  If these relatives are not licensed as foster parents (as in most cases), they are not eligible for full financial reimbursement from the state and this process alone can take months to complete. Sadly and all too often, this financial burden proves to be too much causing children to be moved to new foster homes.  Foster Care Agencies do their best to help families like these but due to lack of funding and the immediacy of the situations, foster children may go weeks without items most people take for granted like a bed, sheets, toiletry items, etc.  The Forgotten Initiative (TFI) believes that through the Body of Christ, these immediate needs can be met 100% of the time.  TFI has worked with foster care agencies to determine what items are most often needed and has created a First Response (FR) catalog to make it easy for your church to partner with them to meet these needs. Email for more information on how your church can get involved!


Foster families face unique challenges and sometimes feel alone, misunderstood, or simply would enjoy a helping hand or a friend who will listen. Families Serving Families (FSF) is an opportunity for Christian families to intentionally reach out to foster families in their community on a monthly basis (or more)! (Some examples include babysitting, eating a meal together, praying with one another, writing encouraging notes, etc.)

  • Find out how you and your family can encourage a Christian foster family by letting us know of your interest!

  • Are you a foster parent? If you're interested in learning more about this initiative and how the Body of Christ wants to serve you; email us! 

Questions?:  contact Jaclyn at tfi.champaign@gmail.com

Visit our website:  www.theforgotteninitiative.org

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