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Bloomington/Peoria, IL

Updated 11/08/2013

  • Diapers, pull-ups, wipes 
  • Formula (Enfamil and Similac powder preferred)
  • Infant care items (bottles, pacifiers, baby shampoo/lotion, diaper rash ointment, powder)
  • Infant Clothing (pants, shirts, onesies)
  • Diaper bags
  • Older Toddler and kindergarten clothing
  • Husky boy/girl clothing and jackets- prefer items that can be worn to school and/or school uniforms
  • Pants/Shirts/jackets for Teens - prefer items that can be worn to school and/or school uniforms
  • Deodorant/shampoo/ conditioner
  • African American hair care supplies (pink conditioning spray, AA toddler hair detangler)
  • Gym shoes ALL SIZES!  Gender neutral would be great.
  • Underwear (briefs) all sizes.
  • Gift cards (walmart, gas, fast food etc.)
  • Toys, Art supplies, Books (Crayons, coloring books, construction paper, Baby books, etc.) 
  • School Supplies
Email info@theforgottenintiative.org if you're able to help donate! 

  • 12 Tangibles - Find out tangible ways your family, small group, or church can serve the foster care community. 
  • A foster family is in need of a new furnace so they do not need to worry about their's going out this winter.  They also need several windows and doors replaced.  Can you help this family to purchase any of these items?  We have a volunteer ready to install!  Helping this family will help the family continue to care for the children in their home and provide a safe environment.  Any way you can serve will be a blessing!  
  • TFI is currently serving 5 agencies in Peoria and 4 in Bloomington.  Would your small group or church be interested in adopting an agency to serve once a month?  Agency workers need appreciation and encouragement so they can continue to do their jobs well for the children and families they serve.  - Email info@theforgottenintiative.org if you are interested in serving a local agency.  
  • When we serve and uplift the agency workers, we are also serving the most vulnerable, the children. 
  • Here are some ways to serve:
    •  Celebration Basket, fill with coffee, yummy treats, and notes of appreciation 
    •  Wash/Detail agency vehicles
    • Write encouraging/thank you cards
    • Plant flowers in front and upkeep
    • Bring sub sandwiches for lunch for team
    • Gift cards to Starbucks
    • Clean restrooms in office
    • Bring in doughnuts or cookies
    • Fill the employee fridge with soda
    • Host a worker appreciation lunch
    • Celebrate Birthdays – Bring a cake in once a month 

  • Learn how you can invest in a life of a child or vulnerable adult in the foster care community.
    • Next Training: Yet to be decided but if you'd like to get started soon, then... 
    • We understand that training dates may not work for some individuals. If you are unable to attend a scheduled mentor training, we offer individual sit-downs and would love to help connect you with a mentee.  
    • Email: Jillian@theforgotteninitiative.org 
      • If you would like information that you can share with your church 
      • Or with any questions, RSVPs to trainings, or to set up a time for an individual sit-down. 

  • Individual First Responders
  • First Response Churches - 1 for every month of the year 
Children enter foster care with little or nothing to call their own and though many times relatives step in to help, they often find themselves both financially unequipped and physically unprepared to care for these children.  If these relatives are not licensed as foster parents (as in most cases), they are not eligible for full financial reimbursement from the state and this process alone can take months to complete. 

Sadly and all too often, this financial burden proves to be too much causing children to be moved to new foster homes.  Foster Care Agencies do their best to help families like these but due to lack of funding and the immediacy of the situations, foster children may go weeks without items most people take for granted like a bed, sheets, toiletry items, etc. 

Email Theresa at tfi.firstresponse@gmail.com for more information on how your church can get involved!


Families in the foster care system or those serving as foster parents face unique challenges. Families Serving Families (FSF) creates opportunities for Christian families to connect with “at-risk” families and foster families in their community. 

Interested in receiving more information or serving a birth family or foster family?  
--Email tfi.families@gmail.com

Questions?:  contact Jillian at info@theforgotteninitiative.org

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  1. It feels good to know there are a lot of people who are willing to extend help or even becoming a foster parent. I work in a foster care recruitment in Bristol and I am simply amazed on how many families are willing to share what they have to those kids in need of a foster home.


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