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Friday, December 7, 2012

Forgotten Fridays: A "My Story" Post

My Story

I was listening to moody radio back in May and I heard about the foster care program and everything you where doing to help. I felt the need to tell my story. 

I am now 20 years old, and I entered the foster care program four months after I turned six.  I've stayed in multiple foster homes, group homes, ect.  My half sister and I were adopted when I was ten years old by a family who seemed to care enough, along with a six month old boy I learned to call my brother.  However, when I turned twelve going on to thirteen, my adoptive father had different ideas for me.  I was no longer his little girl, but I was his toy.  He never raped me, thank God, but he did destroy my trust and self esteem at the time.  I reported his doings to a family doctor, which called me a liar and sent me home.  My adoptive mother did not believe me either, and neither did my sister at the time.  I was placed in a foster home and was bopped around until I was seventeen , where again I was adopted by a family who I thought loved me as well.  But a few months after my eighteenth birthday they told me to get out because I was attending a church they didn'’t like.  Also, because of the fact that I was eighteen, and they could no longer claim me on their taxes. I know by the story it seems like I was a bad child, always causing problems.  In my teen years I was a good kid, I mean sure I did normal teen stuff like not doing my chores all the time or something but nothing major. I listened and didn'’t give attitude. I did well in school and had many friends. I am now in church, where I met my wonderful husband who I married in July and his family has taken me into their home and showed me a family life.  I am doing well and I believe everything I went through was to bring me to God and to find the man God had planned for me.  It was a long bumpy road but it was worth it...

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  1. This is why I am a foster parent! I don't understand people who would foster a child for ANY length of time and then send them into the world at age 18 with nothing. I certainly don't understand the abuse, for which there is no excuse. None!

    Sweet child of God, you have been made strong through all these trials for a God-given purpose. I'm so glad that the Lord is with you, and that He provided a real family for you to be a part of. I pray for your future to be bright and full of hope. Thanks for sharing your story! Romans 8:28


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